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New Delhi, October 14, 2023: The 11th Knowledge Summit was organised by the Indian Culinary Forum (ICF) on the occasion of India’s biggest culinary awards, the 20th Annual Chef Awards. The celebrations were part of International Chefs Day held at The Ashok, New Delhi. This momentous summit brought together renowned luminaries and experts from the hospitality industry, to delve into the pressing issue of tackling global hunger through innovative culinary solutions.

Uniting Culinary Experts to Combat Global Hunger

With the overarching theme of “Culinary Professionals Tackling Global Hunger,” the summit aimed to tackle critical concerns such as sustainable food practices, food waste reduction, and the evolving role and compensation of chefs in the culinary business. Mr. Ajay K. Bakaya, Managing Director of Sarovar Hotels & Resorts, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest for this day-long event. The 11th Knowledge Summit also brought together established industry leaders, aspiring young chefs, and students from catering and hotel management institutes.

Culinary Visionaries Pave the Way for a Sustainable Food System

Chef Davinder Kumar, President of the Indian Culinary Forum, expressed his enthusiasm for this year’s summit, saying, “The 11th Knowledge Summit has once again provided a platform for culinary professionals to come together and discuss vital global issues. We believe that chefs can play a significant role in addressing global hunger and promoting responsible food consumption. By making informed food choices, sourcing food responsibly, and educating consumers, chefs can help to create a sustainable food system for the future consumers.”

A Call for Responsibility and Nourishment in the Culinary World

Adding his views, Chef Vivek Saggar, General Secretary of Indian Culinary Forum said, “The 11th Knowledge Summit marks a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit of combatting global hunger through culinary ingenuity. Chefs, as culinary visionaries, bear a profound responsibility to champion sustainable food practices, spearhead the reduction of food waste, and drive transformative changes in our industry. This summit serves as a powerful platform to unite our culinary community and pave the way for a more responsible and nourishing world, one delicious meal at a time.”

Panel 1: Sustainable Food Practices for a Hunger-Free World

The summit featured three engaging panels, each addressing a different facet of the culinary world’s responsibilities in combating global hunger. The first session, ‘Sustainable Food Consumption: A Recipe for Combating Global Hunger,’ was moderated by Dr Nitin Nagrale, CEO of Quality NZ and Founder of the Hospitality Purchasing Managers Forum. Distinguished industry veterans, including Mr Diwan Gautam Anand, Mr A D Singh, Mr Naveen Dhingra, and Jai Kumar Bhasin, served as speakers during this engaging discussion, highlighting the importance of sustainable food practices in addressing global hunger.

Panel 2: Zero Waste Kitchens and Eco-Friendly Culinary Experiences

The second session, titled ‘Zero Waste Kitchens: Reinventing Menus, Procurement, and Guest Education,’ was moderated by Ms. Mamta Bist, Senior Faculty at IHM Pusa. This panel explored innovative approaches to reducing food waste in kitchens and the significance of educating guests about responsible consumption. Esteemed experts including Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Chef Sanjeeb Ghatak, Chef Vinod Bhati and Mr Jinraj Adyanthaya shared their insights into creating eco-friendly culinary experiences.

Panel 3: The Evolving Role and Compensation of Chefs

The final session, ‘Evolving Chefs: An Asset to the Food Business? Decoding Their Role and Compensation’ was moderated by Mr Deepak Behl, former Police Officer and Founder & CEO of Astra Protection Group & Astra Training Academy, included influential figures such as Mr V S Datta, Chef Rajeev Janveja, Chef Gaurav Wadhwa, and Mr Aagman Baury. This panel examined the evolving role of chefs in the food business and their compensation structures. It explored how chefs contribute as valuable assets in shaping the industry’s future. The Knowledge Summit was curated by Dr Chef Prem Ram, Joint Secretary Indian Culinary Forum.

The Mission and Objectives of the Indian Culinary Forum

The Indian Culinary Forum is India’s premier association of professional chefs, established for the advancement of culinary art in India. The Forum’s objective is to serve as a link, platform, and instrument for the enhancement and development of the community of chefs. It strives to bring international culinary prestige to India, encourage Indians to consider careers in hospitality, promote Indian cuisines globally, and assist young chefs in honing their culinary skills through training, workshops, and competitions.

The World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS) is a fellowship comprising professional chefs’ organizations from 110 nations, representing over 9 million professional chefs worldwide.

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