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Commencing her career as a Front Office Associate in Bengaluru in 2014, Arsee Parween embarked on a remarkable professional journey. Over the years, she steadily ascended the career ladder, showcasing unwavering dedication and commitment.

A Trail of Success

Arsee’s expertise spans various domains, including Reservation Management, Revenue Management, Channel Management, and Inventory Management. Her proficiency in these areas has been meticulously honed through her roles at esteemed establishments such as The HHI group of Hotels, The O Hotel, Pride Hotels Group, and her current position at The Zuri White Sand Resort & Casino.

From Bengaluru to South Goa: A Journey of Growth

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Arsee’s journey reflects consistent growth and adaptability. Starting as a Guest Relation Executive in Bengaluru, she now holds the position of Revenue Manager in South Goa. This progression underlines her ability to navigate diverse responsibilities and environments.

Cluster Revenue Manager in Pune: A Pivotal Role

Arsee’s pivotal role as Cluster Revenue Manager in Pune exemplifies her capability to handle multifaceted responsibilities. Her tenure across different locations has endowed her with a wealth of experience, enriching her current role at The Zuri White Sand Resort & Casino.

A Testament to Perseverance and Excellence

Arsee Parween’s journey underscores the significance of hard work, skill development, and a genuine passion for the hospitality industry. Her transformation from entry-level positions to a leadership role serves as a testament to her perseverance and commitment to excellence.

Congratulations to Ms. Arsee Parween

In recognition of her inspiring career path at The Zuri White Sand Resort & Casino, congratulations are in order for Ms. Arsee Parween. May her journey continue to serve as an inspiration for aspiring professionals in the field of hospitality.

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