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In a major development for the hospitality sector, Lemon Tree Hotels is pleased to announce the signing of its newest venture – Lemon Tree Hotel in Kundapura, Karnataka. Scheduled to become operational in the fiscal year 2027, this addition reinforces Lemon Tree’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences to its patrons.

A Strategic Move

Adding to its impressive portfolio, Lemon Tree Hotel, Kundapura, is strategically positioned to cater to the growing demand for high-quality accommodations in Karnataka. The decision to expand to Kundapura aligns with Lemon Tree’s vision of reaching diverse locations and offering unique hospitality experiences.

Operational Timeline

As Lemon Tree Hotels gears up for this exciting expansion, the anticipated operational date for Lemon Tree Hotel, Kundapura, is set for the fiscal year 2027. This timeline ensures that the property will be equipped with the latest amenities and services to meet the evolving needs of today’s discerning travelers.

Strength in Numbers

Lemon Tree Hotel, Kundapura, joins the esteemed ranks of eight existing hotels and resorts already established across Karnataka. This move not only showcases Lemon Tree’s commitment to the region but also highlights the brand’s dedication to providing consistent quality and service excellence.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Guests can expect nothing short of excellence at Lemon Tree Hotel, Kundapura. Boasting modern facilities and cutting-edge amenities, the property aims to redefine the hospitality landscape in the region. From well-appointed rooms to versatile meeting spaces, every aspect is carefully curated to offer a seamless and delightful stay.

Economic Boost for Kundapura

The arrival of Lemon Tree Hotel is not just a milestone for the brand but also a boon for the local economy. The property is expected to generate employment opportunities, contribute to the growth of the hospitality sector, and promote tourism in the scenic town of Kundapura.

Stay Informed

Stay tuned for regular updates and exclusive insights into the development of Lemon Tree Hotel, Kundapura, by following our official channels. We invite our patrons, partners, and the general public to join us on this exciting journey as we countdown to the grand opening in FY 27.

Lemon Tree Hotels remains committed to creating memorable experiences, and the forthcoming Lemon Tree Hotel, Kundapura, stands as a testament to this ongoing commitment. As the brand continues to expand its footprint, it invites travelers to anticipate a refreshing and enriching stay at its newest destination.

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