The vibrant and diverse culinary tapestry of Delhi has found its way to Ahmedabad, as Essence Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre presents the Dilli 6 Food Festival. This festival is a celebration of the rich and savory street food culture that defines the heart of Old Delhi, taking patrons on a gastronomic journey through the bustling lanes and vibrant flavors of Dilli 6.

dilli meri jaan

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Dilli 6, the soul of Delhi, is renowned for its eclectic street food that tantalizes taste buds with a burst of flavors. From the spicy chaats to the aromatic kebabs, the Essence Restaurant is recreating the magic of Dilli street food right here in Ahmedabad. The culinary team has meticulously curated a menu that captures the essence of the streets of Old Delhi, offering a feast for the senses and an authentic experience for every food enthusiast.


The food festival aims to bring the authentic tastes of Dilli 6 to the people of Ahmedabad, providing a unique opportunity for locals to savor the iconic street food that has become synonymous with the vibrant culture of Delhi. Guests can indulge in a diverse range of dishes, from the tangy and flavorful Golgappas to the succulent Kebabs, each bite taking them on a journey to the heart of India’s capital.


Mr. Suraj Kumar Jha, the General Manager of Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad, expressed his excitement about the Dilli 6 Food Festival, stating, “At Essence Restaurant, we are always dedicated to bringing diverse and exquisite culinary experiences to our guests. The Dilli 6 Food Festival is a testament to our commitment to offering a unique gastronomic journey, allowing our patrons to savor the authentic flavors of Delhi right here in Ahmedabad. We invite everyone to join us in this celebration of culinary richness and cultural diversity.”


The Executive Chef, Raj Kumar, also shared insights into the festival, mentioning, “Curating the menu for the Dilli 6 Food Festival has been a labor of love. We’ve strived to capture the essence of Old Delhi’s Street food by using traditional recipes and authentic spices. Our goal is to transport our guests to the vibrant streets of Dilli 6 with every bite, creating an unforgettable dining experience.”


Whether you’re a fan of the spicy Chaat, the succulent Kebabs, or the sweet delights of Dilli’s desserts, the Dilli 6 Food Festival at Essence Restaurant promises to be a culinary delight for all. Visit Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre and embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant streets of Dilli 6, right here in the heart of Ahmedabad. The festival is set to run until 17th December 2023, so be sure not to miss this unique opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of Delhi.

What: Dilli 6 Food Festival

Where: Essence – Crowne Plaza Ahmedabad City Centre

When: 9th – 17th December

Timings: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Price: INR 1699++

For Reservations: +91 99798 47996

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