We’re excited to announce that online voting is now open for the Top 20 Sales & Marketing Leaders (June 16th to July 16th). This is your chance to recognize outstanding leaders who have demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication in the field of sales and marketing. Your vote isn’t just a click; it’s a tribute to the transformative leadership these individuals bring to their teams and organizations.

The final list of awardees for the Top 20 Sales & Marketing Professionals People’s Choice Awards will be revealed on July 26th, 2024, based entirely on the collective voice of the community.

Winners will be determined based on online votes and the support they receive from their colleagues, friends, and partners. Your vote carries significant weight in highlighting those who excel in their roles.

Please select one leader from the list below. Voting closes on July 16th


64 thoughts on “Online Voting Open for Top 20 Sales & Marketing Leaders – People’s Choice Awards 2024

  1. Amazing person, goes out of way to help and take care of her clients. She never says no to anything, and goes for the the entire ITC hotels she helps us with

  2. I met Sudeep about 2 yrs ago whilst my stay in the hotel and I fell he is truly an enthusiastic individual. I have seen him interacting with his colleagues and clients . It was amazing.

  3. An individual and as a team par excellence, dedicated , commited nd front runner to dimonstrate workmanship.

  4. Ajay is a natural Marketing guy with lot of patience, acumen and hardworking.

    He always has a “never give up” attitude.

    We have seen him sailing continuously towards the focussed goal.

  5. Shagun is an intrepid and committed sales professional. She is innovative. She is highly motivated and works with the conviction to win. She constantly improves her skills and is a great people’s person.

  6. I have been associated with itc hotels from decades and this was made possible by only one Ms Shagun Sethi. An awesome personality ,ready to help24x7 and be it what she is the first one to come forward. I have had more than 200 parties at ITC across India and I can say it was all because of Shagun . That’s why she is called lado bitiya by my wife Soniya Sanjay sinha God bless you Shagun. You have to win it.

  7. I am pleased to share my positive experience with Mr. Pawan Sharma, who has been handling the hotel front desk. Throughout my stay, he was exceptionally helpful and always kept in touch, ensuring that all my needs were met promptly and efficiently.Mr. Pawan Sharma consistently went above and beyond to provide excellent service. He displayed remarkable professionalism and a friendly demeanor, making each interaction pleasant and stress-free. His dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable. I am grateful for the support and assistance he provided, making my stay a memorable one.I highly recommend Mr. Pawan Sharma for his outstanding service and commitment to excellence.

  8. Karan Sharma is a dedicated and bold sales professional, known for his innovative approach and high level of motivation. Always striving to win, he continually enhances his skills and excels at building relationships. Also an incredible person who goes above and beyond to assist and care for his clients. A natural marketer with plenty of patience, insight, and a strong work ethic,

  9. Rahul Malik is exceptionally dedicated and hard working professional, very pleasing to interact .

  10. Rahul Malik is dedicated and too hardworking his innovations are doing wonders,So he is well deserved candidate
    All the best

  11. Gouri is simply the best. Ms perfectionist.
    She is the one amongst the best salesperson I have met .

  12. Govind singh is simply the best.
    heis the one amongst the best salesperson I have met .
    hardworking his innovations are doing wonders,So he is well deserved candidate
    All the best

  13. Atul is a very passionate Person . He is a very Sincere towards for your work.
    Nice Behaviour. So Well deserving for it.

  14. Rahul Malik is exceptional and handsome personality amongst all He is capable of handling each and every situation proud of him

  15. Shagun is the best sales leader I have come across. Her journey is not only commendable but also inspiring. The best and now-a-days a rare trait that she possesses is the courtesy of answering every call and follow through. Her interpersonal skills are amazing and ability to make lasting relationships are second to none. Many wishes to her for this amazing nomination and hopefully she truly deserves to be the winner of this prestigious award.

  16. Mr. Keshari Ranjan one of the best employee of sales and marketing field, Radisson Blu, Faridabad. He is one of the sincere person and dedicated towards working in professional way. He is marvellous and outstanding performance in corporate sector.

  17. Shagun is the best sales leader I have come accross during my hospitality career . She is a strong woman, a thorough professional and a beautiful human being. Her journey is not only commendable but inspiring also. She has strong inter personal skills and excellent communication. Her best trait is that she answers every call and follows through – which is something which is lacking at all lever and specially senior management levels.

  18. Rejoe,an exceptional manager with great handling skills and the positive impact you have on the people around you .Good Luck .

  19. ☝️Mr Keshari Ranjan, my youngest brother in law is in Hotel & Hospitality Management profession since long. He is sincere and hardworking as well as polite and ambitious professional, currently working as Director, Sales & Marketing, Hotel Radisson Blue, Faridabad, Harayana. He has been nominated for Top 20 Sales & Marketing Leader, 2024 as per common people/public Choice.
    May I request my esteemed fraternity kindly to Vote (online) for him and make him winner contestant. Thanks with sincere regards🌹🙏🏼❤️

  20. RAHUL MALIK is very hard working candidate & best deserved person looking into his innovative & excellence approach he may find an edge over others. Wishing him all the success in his carrier.

  21. Gouri Kalra is a very pleasant, supportive professional who carries a focused approach . Possess good leadership skills….Good Luck Gouri !!

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