In a groundbreaking moment for India’s hospitality industry, voco Jim Corbett, the country’s inaugural voco hotel, was unveiled amidst much anticipation and excitement. The event, attended by esteemed dignitaries, marked a significant leap forward in the realm of luxury accommodation.

Managing Director Mr. Pankaj Kashyap proudly presented the symbolic key to General Manager Mr. Suprabhath Roy, symbolizing the commencement of operations. The ceremony, attended by family, friends, and the hotel’s dedicated team, exuded an atmosphere of celebration and achievement.

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Jim Corbett National Park, voco Jim Corbett promises an unparalleled fusion of contemporary luxury and natural splendor. With a focus on personalized service and guest satisfaction, the hotel aims to set new standards in hospitality excellence.

Mr. Roy expressed his gratitude for the trust placed in him and his team, affirming their commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for every guest. As India’s pioneer voco hotel, voco Jim Corbett signifies a significant milestone in the country’s hospitality landscape, reflecting India’s burgeoning reputation as a luxury travel destination.

With its promise of unforgettable experiences amidst the tranquil beauty of Jim Corbett National Park, voco Jim Corbett invites guests to embark on a journey of indulgence and relaxation. This landmark launch heralds a new era of luxury accommodation in India, promising guests an unparalleled hospitality experience like never before.

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