Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport.

In a strategic move to expand its offerings, Choice Hotels International proudly announces the addition of Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport to its esteemed portfolio. This latest venture marks a significant milestone in Choice Hotels’ commitment to providing diverse and exceptional accommodation options to travelers worldwide.

Situated in Burbank, California, the newly opened Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport features 150 rooms adorned with upscale amenities. Guests can enjoy the outdoor patio equipped with a fire pit and games, a cutting-edge fitness center boasting a Peloton Bike, and a cozy library lounge doubling as a co-working space. These amenities ensure a comfortable and productive stay for guests.

Conveniently located near Burbank Airport, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport offers easy access to key attractions and business hubs. This prime location underscores Choice Hotels’ strategic approach to expansion, targeting well-situated markets to cater to the diverse needs of travelers.

The inclusion of Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport in Choice Hotels’ portfolio signifies the brand’s dedication to continued growth and innovation. With nine more Cambria openings expected in 2024, Choice Hotels International remains committed to expanding its presence and offering exceptional hospitality experiences globally.

Choice Hotels International extends a warm welcome to Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport, celebrating its addition to the prestigious portfolio of Choice Hotels. This partnership reflects Choice Hotels’ ongoing commitment to excellence and its mission to provide guests with unparalleled hospitality experiences.

As Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport joins Choice Hotels International’s portfolio, it represents a significant step forward in the brand’s journey of expansion and success. With its luxurious amenities, strategic location, and promising growth prospects, the hotel epitomizes Choice Hotels’ unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding accommodations and service to travelers around the world.

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