Mr. Ratheesh Nair’s journey in the culinary world is a compelling story of passion, dedication, and mastery over the art of pastry making. His career, which spans over a decade, showcases his evolution from a humble intern to a revered Executive Pastry Chef at the prestigious Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty.

Early Beginnings

Mr. Nair’s culinary journey began in July 2005 as a Step Trainee at Oberoi’s Trident Hotel in Cochin. Here, he honed his basic skills in time management and food handling, laying the groundwork for his future in pastry arts. His eagerness to learn and commitment to excellence quickly set him apart from his peers.

Steady Progression

After gaining initial experience, Mr. Nair moved to the Oberoi – Trident Hotel in Chennai, where he served as a Commis Pastry Chef for a few months in 2008. This role was crucial as it allowed him to deepen his knowledge of dessert mass production and quality control.

From Chennai, Mr. Nair’s journey took him to Mumbai, where he continued to develop his craft at the Oberoi – Trident Hotel Bandra Kurla Complex. Over nearly half a decade plus, he refined his skills in buffet presentations and employee training, key areas that would later define his career.

In 2014, Mr. Nair expanded his horizons internationally by joining the team on the Crystal Symphony Cruise as a Chef De Partie. This experience was instrumental in enhancing his ability to manage diverse teams and meet the high standards of an international clientele.

Significant Milestones

Returning to India, Mr. Nair took on the role of Pastry Sous Chef at Fantasie Fine Chocolates in Mumbai. His stint there was marked by innovative dessert creations and mastering the art of chocolate making. He then moved to the Hyderabad Marriott & Convention Centre and Courtyard by Marriott, as a Junior Sous Chef Pastry (cluster) to Sous Chef Pastry, (cluster), where he excelled in mass production and culinary presentations.

International Exposure

In September 2018, Mr. Nair ventured overseas again, this time to Singapore, where he served as an Assistant Pastry Chef at Conrad Hilton. Here, he mastered international dessert trends and techniques, which greatly influenced his pastry style.

Culmination at Grand Hyatt

In September 2021, Mr. Nair returned to India, bringing his vast experience and a global perspective to Kerala as a Pastry Chef before rising to the prestigious role of Executive Pastry Chef at Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty in October 2023. In his current role, he not only leads the pastry section but also oversees quality control, staff training, and innovative dessert creations, meeting modern culinary demands and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Vision and Leadership

Today, Mr. Nair is recognized for his strategic vision and leadership in managing a dynamic team, organizing seasonal events, and maintaining high standards of hygiene and quality. His hands-on approach in training and his commitment to excellence continue to inspire his team.

Legacy and Future

Beyond his kitchen duties, Mr. Nair is actively involved in R&D for new desserts, interacting with customers for event plans, and visiting suppliers to ensure only the best ingredients enter his creations. His Instagram presence as @chef_ratheesh_unni_nair also reflects his passion for educating and engaging with a broader audience.

Mr. Ratheesh Nair’s journey from an eager trainee to a celebrated executive pastry chef is not just a testament to his hard work and talent but also an inspiring story for all aspiring chefs that through perseverance and dedication, one can indeed achieve their drea

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