Pammy Sheoran

Hyatt Place Kathmandu is pleased to announce the appointment of Pammy Sheoran as its new Director of Operations. With over 14 years of experience in the food and beverage industry across leading hotel brands in India and Nepal, Pammy brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to his new role.

As a seasoned F&B maestro, Pammy’s responsibilities encompass overseeing all aspects of operations, from restaurants to catering services. His strategic approach blends innovation with a focus on customer delight, ensuring that guests have unforgettable experiences during their stay.

Known for his problem-solving skills and dedication to excellence, Pammy is committed to elevating the hospitality game at Hyatt Place Kathmandu. His passion for creating memorable experiences will undoubtedly contribute to the hotel’s reputation for exceptional service.

Outside of work, Pammy is an avid traveler who enjoys embarking on epic journeys and exploring hidden gems in the local scene. His adventurous spirit and love for discovery align perfectly with Hyatt Place Kathmandu’s commitment to providing guests with authentic and immersive experiences.

We are thrilled to welcome Pammy Sheoran to the Hyatt Place Kathmandu team and look forward to the innovative initiatives and outstanding service he will bring to our hotel.

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