Amit Talwar

Mr. Amit Talwar’s journey to becoming the Director of Revenue Strategy, Bench Strength APEC at Marriott International is an inspiring one. His career in the hospitality industry spans over 25 years, and his hard work and dedication have earned him numerous accolades.

Mr. Talwar, a young man with a passion for hospitality, began his journey in the industry in 1997 as a Reservations Executive. Despite starting out at the bottom, Mr. Talwar had a clear vision of where he wanted to go and worked tirelessly to realize his dreams. Over a span of 3 years Mr. Talwar gained an interest in technology and online content, which enticed him to take up a role with an online portal, something that was ahead of its curve in those days. The experience gave him insights into the world of eCommerce and marketing. The learnings were immense, but his passion was still to be part of the hospitality industry.

In 2004 Mr. Talwar got an opportunity to join the mother ship of Marriott in India, the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Center Hotel, as a Reservations Manager. It was then that he was introduced to the concept of Revenue Management. He quickly rose through the ranks, and in 2009, he was appointed the Market Director of Revenue Strategy for the Mumbai Market and also managed the newly launched Revenue Management Remote Solutions for properties within South Asia.

Mr. Talwar’s talent and dedication did not go unnoticed, and in 2016 he was given the opportunity to launch the first ever Revenue Management Advisory Service in APEC. He was responsible for leading the revenue management efforts and strategy process for participating hotels from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok and Cambodia.

Mr. Talwar’s journey to success has not been without its challenges. He has had to overcome numerous obstacles and face difficult situations throughout his career. However, his dedication to his work, his willingness to take on new challenges, and his ability to learn from his mistakes have helped him to overcome these obstacles and achieve success.

Throughout his career, Mr. Talwar has also been an active participant in various industry forums and events. He has shared his knowledge and experience with his peers and has helped to shape the hospitality industry in India and beyond.

In recognition of his contributions to the hospitality industry, Mr. Talwar has received numerous awards and accolades. In 2022, he ranked No.1 in the Hotelier Web ‘Power 25’ list for Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management leaders within Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Mr. Talwar’s inspiring journey to success is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. His story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve success in the hospitality industry or any other field.

Today, Amit is a prominent figure in the industry, with an experience that reflects his expertise and commitment to excellence. He is a mentor and role model for aspiring hoteliers, and his story serves as an inspiration to anyone who wants to achieve great things through hard work and determination.

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