Radisson Jodhpur Welcomes Chef Sadveer Shekhawat as Executive Chef

We are thrilled to announce that Chef Sadveer Shekhawat has been appointed as the Executive Chef of Radisson Jodhpur!

Chef Shekhawat is a culinary maestro with a passion for crafting unforgettable dining experiences. With an impressive career spanning over 17+ years, his expertise in the art of gastronomy and creativity in the kitchen are truly remarkable.

Having honed his skills at some of the finest establishments around the world, Chef Shekhawat brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse culinary perspective to the table. His culinary creations have wowed food enthusiasts and critics alike, making him a standout figure in the culinary industry.

Radisson Jodhpur

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As the Executive Chef at Radisson Jodhpur, Chef Shekhawat is all set to elevate the dining scene in this iconic hotel. With a commitment to using locally-sourced, fresh ingredients and an innovative approach to traditional recipes, he promises to take guests’ taste buds on a journey like never before!

Beyond his culinary prowess, Chef Shekhawat is also dedicated to nurturing talent within his team and promoting sustainable practices in the kitchen. His leadership style is known to inspire and motivate, making him an asset to any culinary establishment.

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