Shailendra Singh

In the world of culinary excellence, one name shines brightly: Shailendra Singh, the Corporate Chef of Pride Group of Hotels. With a career spanning several prestigious establishments and a wealth of experience, Chef Shailendra has left an indelible mark on the culinary landscape of India. His journey is not only inspiring but a testament to the power of dedication and innovation in the culinary arts.

A Taste of Excellence

Shailendra Singh’s journey into the culinary world began as a Chef Trainee at Jaypee Hotels, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for the culinary arts. This early foundation laid the groundwork for a remarkable career ahead.
His dedication and commitment were evident as he continued to climb the culinary ladder. He worked at Marriott International, where he was responsible for all matters of the coffee shop. This experience gave him exposure to quality kitchens, the latest equipment, and a strong ability to motivate staff to ensure high satisfaction. Chef Shailendra was well on his way to culinary stardom.

Sailing to New Horizons

The next stop on his journey was Carnival Cruise Lines, where he worked in the fine dining restaurant called SUPPER CLUB under the guidance of Michelin Star Chef George Blanc. This experience refined his skills, teaching him the art of fine presentation and high-quality steakhouse and grills. It was a transformative period in his career.

From Sous Chef to Regional Executive Chef

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In the world of luxury hotels, Hyatt Regency was his next destination, where he served as a Sous Chef. The hotel offered five-star dining with a range of Indian and international options. It was another valuable experience that added to his growing expertise.
His journey with Hyatt continued as he became an Executive Chef with multi-property experience. Shailendra Singh’s work at Hyatt Regency Amritsar, Four Points By Sheraton New Delhi, and the pre-opening of Aloft Kathmandu Nepal showcased his ability to handle diverse culinary establishments and innovate with technology and design.

The Rise of an Executive Chef

Shailendra Singh’s path led him to the executive position at Oakwood, where he managed two new outlets, Bistro (Italian café), and Oak Lounge (High-end Lounge & Bar). Oakwood Pune boasted luxurious features, a wide range of dining options, and banqueting spaces. His role showcased his capability to manage high-end establishments with finesse.
His journey continued with Lavasa International Convention Centre and Mercure hotel, where he was a pre-opening member. Here, he managed expansive convention spaces and food and beverage outlets.

A Star in the Culinary Sky

Finally, Shailendra Singh landed in Pride Group of Hotels as the Corporate Chef. His journey from being a Chef Trainee to reaching the heights of corporate leadership is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and unyielding passion for the culinary arts. His career showcases not only his remarkable culinary skills but also his leadership abilities in the competitive world of the hospitality industry.
In an industry where innovation, quality, and consistency are paramount, Chef Shailendra Singh has proven time and again that he has the recipe for success. His culinary journey is an inspiring example of how passion and dedication can lead to the pinnacle of one’s profession. With each step in his career, he has left a lasting legacy in the kitchens and hearts of those he has served. Chef Shailendra Singh is truly a star in the culinary sky, and his journey continues to inspire budding chefs and culinary enthusiasts alike.

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