The staff, the employees of a hospitality organization is vital to Hospitality organizations performance and service delivery. This puts a lot of attention, or should, to the behavior, performance, motivation, engagement and wellbeing of the employee. To keep up with ever changing guests segments, requirements as well as challenges and opportunities, training and continuous training should be prioritized to a greater extent.


Yet, employee training is often under prioritized, and becomes a problematic topic. Problematic because, training is related with high cost, both directly and indirectly, and often difficult to prove and quantify the return, and frankly, a lot of training in the hospitality industry is insufficient and inadequate to participants’ individual needs. Which then leads to limited training to few employee groups, and not all, as needed. Yet, no or little training can have sevir consequences, such as low guest satisfaction, employee turnover rate, expensive on-boarding and low employee performance and retention.


These was some of the challenges the founding team of hosdu faced. However, if any, one positive aspect Covid19 brought, was that people across the globe opened their mind towards e-learning. And it is in this light, hosdu started. With a founding team of hoteliers, learning-specialist, tech, and psychologist, hosdu was founded to bring hospitality training to every position imagined at a hotel, through low cost, content for all positions and importantly improved learning methods to impact performance, behavior and learning.


hosdu is a hospitality training, SOP, On-boarding & talent development platform and app. By applying technologies and advanced learning methodologies training is improved. The same development methods makes hosdu able to make a hotels SOP’s and brand standards come to live and being used as it can be transformed into virtual e-training content.


Facing the people employing the industry, hosdu has developed all training content specifically tailored to the needs, and can provide the training content in more than 40+ vocal languages, and can accommodate specific SOP’s and brand standards into their generic content.
The training content is infused in a learning universe of methods that is gamified, blended learning and micro learning: Augmented reality games, makes participant learn in their own surroundings, with much greater learning-impact.


AI + AR + Hospitality = hosdu = learning providers

hosdu is not just another LMS – hosdu are learning providers for the hospitality industry. Developed by hoteliers and learning experts for the hospitality industry, that covers the entire operation, fra housekeeping to leadership, to revenue management, teamwork and reputation management, and many many more. hosdu has the ambition to become the leading learning provider within the hospitality business, with value adding features to improve on-boarding, SOP-library, management tracking & monitoring and a soon to be released AI live chat = Solve my hospitality problem!

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