With over two decades of culinary expertise, Chef Ronald Amar Xavier stands as a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry. His remarkable journey spans 39 places across all seven continents, offering a unique blend of cultural insights, diverse cuisines, and a global work ethic that enriches his culinary presentations. As an effective communicator, Chef Amar brings forth excellent interpersonal skills, fostering relationships across all levels.

Food Auteurs/ Journey with Chef Amar (Aug 2020 – Present)

As the Culinary Director and Director, Chef Amar leads the food production team, ensuring the delivery of an unparalleled culinary experience. His responsibilities include overseeing product delivery, conducting training on public health, food control, and COVID protocols, as well as contributing to product development for food retailers.

A Culinary consultant/ Hotel stay Banaras and Behind Yellow Door Wheelers Estate PTE LTD, Singapore (July 2017 – July 2020)

Serving as a Senior Sous Chef, Chef Amar assisted the Executive Chef in producing and delivering top-notch culinary experiences. His role involved supervising product delivery, ensuring adherence to company recipes, and maintaining strict compliance with Singapore public health regulations.

Princess Cruises, USA (Dec 2014 – June 2017)

In the role of C.D.P, Chef Amar contributed his culinary expertise to the sea, supervising product delivery in the assigned galley station. His responsibilities included ensuring quality, consistency, and compliance with United States public health regulations.

Ramada Hotel, Varanasi, U.P (Dec 2012 – Sep 2014)

As a Sous Chef, Chef Amar played a vital role in supervising product delivery in continental, Indian curry, bakery, and butchery sections. He focused on maintaining quality, consistency, and adherence to company recipes.

DeGustibus Hospitality Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai (April 2012 – Oct 2012)

In the role of Jr. Sous Chef, Chef Amar supervised product delivery in the assigned station, ensuring quality and consistency. His role emphasized adherence to company recipes and maintaining high standards of presentation.

Princess Cruises, USA (Jan 2007 – Oct 2011)

Serving as a D.C.D.P, Chef Amar continued his commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences at sea. His responsibilities included supervising product delivery, ensuring adherence to company recipes, and compliance with United States public health regulations.

Hotel Sun-n-Sand Pune, India (Nov 2004 – Oct 2006)

Beginning as Commi II, Chef Amar handled the entire Ala carte & Banquet of the continental section, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Taj Ganges, Varanasi, India (May 2001 – April 2004)

Starting as a trainee, Chef Amar honed his skills in Indian, Continental, Chinese, Bakery, and Cold Kitchen. He later continued as a Guest Service Assistant in the kitchen.

Chef Amar Represents India International Master Chef club platform. Singapore Malaysia and the USA

Chef Amar proudly represents India on the International Master Chef club platform, showcasing his culinary prowess in renowned culinary hubs such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the USA. His participation not only highlights his exceptional skills but also serves as a testament to the rich and diverse culinary heritage of India on the global stage. Through his expertise and contributions, Chef Amar fosters cultural exchange and culinary diplomacy, creating a gastronomic bridge that connects these nations through the universal language of food.


Chef Amar’s journey is adorned with numerous accolades,

°Runner up in ‘Bacardi Chef Competition 2011’ held in USA ‘Princess Cruise’

• Awarded best employee of the month in ‘Golden Princess’, USA 2008

• Awarded best employee of the month in ‘Crown Princess’, USA 2007

• Awarded best employee of the month in ‘Sun n Sand’ Pune, India.

• Represented U.P. state as a player in Tenni kiot championship.

• First prize in All India choreography.

• Awarded Best Professional Chef by International Master Chef Club.

• Executive Member of the World Association of Master Chefs.

• Joint Secretary of Varanasi Chef Association

• Honourable Member of Indian federation of Culinary Association.

• Honourable Member of Western Indian chef association.

• Honourable Member of Royal Bengal Master Chef Organization.

• Award to the development of a young chef in the KDU Penang university collage of


• Worked with renowned Chefs like Chef Floyd cardoz ,Chef Jayd kitt, Norman

love, Chef Citrus Stone and Chef George Calombaris

• Pride of India award and National pride award.

• Best culinary director award by Aahar ways. 2023.

• Unique Indian Personality award For Best Culinary Director 2023

. Best chef of Uttar Pradesh 2023

Technical Skills

Chef Amar possesses computer proficiency, including expertise in MS-DOS, Windows, and word processing.

Education & Qualification

Chef Amar’s academic journey includes an MBA in sales and marketing, a Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management, a Bachelor of Commerce, and completion of secondary and higher secondary examinations.

Chef Ronald Amar Xavier’s culinary odyssey is a testament to his passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences across the globe.

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