Aniket Deshpande, currently holding the position of Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at Aurika, Mumbai Skycity, has seamlessly blended his passion for hospitality with an impressive professional journey. In his role, Aniket serves as the Pre Opening Head of Department for Food and Beverage, contributing to the success of Aurika, Mumbai Skycity – Luxury by Lemon Tree Hotels, India’s largest inventory of 669 room hotels.

He worked in Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Nashik, where Aniket excelled as the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, honing his skills in teamwork, elevating guest experience and F&B operations. Notably, he contributed to the pre opening of the hotel, showcasing his expertise in managing diverse culinary landscapes.

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Aniket’s commitment to excellence extends to his tenure at Park Hyatt in Hyderabad, where he served as the Restaurant Manager for all-day dining and the Gourmet Shop. His skills in  guest engagement, budgeting and training were evident as he navigated the dynamic F&B operations of the hotel.

A significant chapter in Aniket’s career includes his role at Conrad Hotels & Resorts in Pune, where he held the position of Restaurant Manager for Indian specialty and in-room dining. His responsibilities included pre-opening tasks and overseeing various F&B operations, showcasing his versatility.

Prior to this, he contributed as Assistant Restaurant Manager at Hyatt Regency Pune and as a pre-opening team member at Oberoi Hotels & Resorts in Hyderabad and Udaipur, serving in various roles such as Supervisor and Food and Beverage Assistant.

With a rich background in the hospitality industry, Aniket Deshpande’s role as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager at Aurika, Mumbai Skycity reflects not only his extensive experience but also his dedication to delivering exceptional service and contributing to the success of one of India’s premier luxury hotels.

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