Sonal Ram, currently serving as the Manager – PR & Marketing Aurika, Mumbai Skycity, has marked a remarkable six-year tenure within the Lemon Tree Hotels Limited.


In her earlier role at Lemon Tree Hotels, she served as Deputy Manager – Brand & Communications, where her responsibilities included crafting comprehensive marketing calendars for F&B, rooms, and spa. Demonstrating versatility, Sonal successfully executed various marketing activities, ranging from online reputation management to vendor coordination and collaboration with social media agencies.


Sonal’s significant contributions extended to Sandal Suites, Operated by Lemon Tree Hotels, where she held the position of Marketing & Public Relations – Manager. Her role encompassed influencer collaboration, brand collateral creation, online design platform management, and coordination with online platforms.


Her journey within Lemon Tree Hotels began as an Marketing Executive. In these positions, Sonal showcased proficiency in marketing calendar creation, handling online design platforms, vendor coordination, and data analysis.


Beyond the hospitality realm, Sonal’s diverse experience includes a stint at Purnima Advertising Agency Private Limited, where she served as a Media Executive. Here, she engaged in research, client background analysis, understanding business objectives, identifying target audiences, and managing media operations.


Sonal’s professional trajectory commenced with an internship at Lemon Tree Hotels and further evolved through roles at Sopra Steria, where she actively contributed to CSR initiatives focused on education in lower-level Indian society. Her journey reflects a commitment to excellence, creativity in marketing and PR, and a comprehensive understanding of brand communication.


Now, as the Manager – PR & Marketing at Aurika, Mumbai Skycity, Sonal continues to leverage her extensive experience to enhance the brand’s presence in the dynamic hospitality landscape.

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