Devendra Kumar

Devendra Kumar‘s extraordinary journey from the hospitality industry to becoming a Human Resources Manager is a testament to his dedication, passion, and the transformative power of experiences. His path has been shaped by his diverse range of experiences with prominent companies, each playing a pivotal role in moulding him into the exceptional leader he is today. Through his trials, triumphs, and invaluable encounters, Kumar has emerged as a true champion of talent management and employee development.

Early Experiences in Hospitality Giants:

Devendra Kumar

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Kumar’s journey began with early experiences in the hospitality industry, where he had the opportunity to work with renowned companies such as Intercontinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and Radisson Hotel Group. These experiences provided him with a strong foundation and a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the industry. Working in entry-level positions, Kumar witnessed first-hand the significance of exceptional service delivery and the profound impact a skilled and motivated workforce can have on an organization’s success.

Transitioning to Human Resources Leadership with IHG at Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla:

Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla

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Devendra Kumar’s career took a transformative turn when he made a conscious decision to transition into the field of Human Resources. Joining the esteemed InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) at Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla, Kumar’s journey as a Human Resources Manager began to flourish. IHG provided him with a platform to apply his passion for people development and talent management on a larger scale. Through his role at IHG, Kumar has been instrumental in shaping the company’s success by attracting, developing, and retaining top talent.

Navigating Challenges with Marriott International:


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During his tenure with Marriott International, Kumar faced and overcame numerous challenges that further shaped his professional journey. The experience allowed him to develop a strong foundation in talent acquisition and retention, as well as gain insights into the complexities of managing a diverse workforce. These experiences strengthened his resolve and provided valuable lessons that he would later apply in his role as a Human Resources Manager.

Leadership Growth with Radisson Hotel Group:


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As part of his journey, Devendra Kumar had the privilege of working with Radisson Hotel Group, a global leader in the hospitality industry. Radisson’s strong emphasis on leadership development provided Kumar with numerous opportunities to enhance his leadership acumen and expand his skill set. These experiences not only contributed to his professional growth but also equipped him with the necessary tools to effectively manage teams and drive positive change within organizations.

Recognition for Inclusivity: IHG Room to Belong Award

Recognition for Inclusivity: IHG Room to Belong Award

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Among Devendra Kumar’s notable achievements during his time at Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi Okhla is the recognition he received through the IHG Room to Belong Award. This prestigious award underscores Kumar’s dedication to fostering an inclusive workplace where every individual’s uniqueness is celebrated and valued. His commitment to creating a sense of belonging among employees highlights his exceptional leadership qualities and reinforces his pivotal role in transforming organizations through his strategic HR initiatives. This accolade further demonstrates Kumar’s capacity to drive positive change and create environments where diversity thrives, contributing to both individual and organizational success.


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