Chef Atul Lahkar

Introducing Chef Atul Lahkar, the brilliant mind behind the exquisite Heritage Khorikaa, an extraordinary culinary sanctuary located in the enchanting landscapes of Assam, India. Discover the awe-inspiring tale of Chef Atul, whose unwavering commitment to safeguarding traditional cuisine and heritage has blossomed into an extraordinary triumph. Over the course of an impressive 9-year odyssey, Chef Atul’s remarkable journey has captivated audiences worldwide.

A Passion Ignited

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Hailing from the enchanting land of North East India, Chef Atul Lahkar’s passion for food and culture has been a lifelong calling. Over the last fifteen years, he has tirelessly worked towards safeguarding and promoting the unique culinary heritage of Assam.

Shining on Global Platforms:

Chef Atul’s commitment to showcasing North East cuisine, especially Assamese delicacies, earned him recognition on a global scale. Collaborating with renowned personalities like Chef Gordon Ramsay, Chef Vinit Bhatiya, and Chef Vikas Khanna, he has been a culinary ambassador for Assam’s flavors.

From Dream to Reality

Fuelled by a relentless desire to honor his roots, Chef Atul Lahkar opened not just one, but three exceptional restaurants – “KHORIKAA,” “BHUT JOLOKIA,” and “HERITAGE KHORIKAA.” These establishments are a testament to his dedication, offering a diverse range of indigenous Assamese dishes.

A Taste of Tradition

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“HERITAGE KHORIKAA” stands as a tribute to Assam’s rich culinary traditions. The restaurant embraces the essence of Assamese cuisine, presenting a medley of flavors and aromas that have stood the test of time.

Culinary Entrepreneurship

Chef Atul’s journey hasn’t been without challenges, but through the support of friends and unwavering determination, his restaurant projects have flourished. Today, “HERITAGE KHORIKAA” is a beacon of Assamese heritage and an epitome of his culinary prowess.

A Lasting Promise

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In Chef Atul Lahkar’s own words, “I will live for cooking and will die for cooking, and without it, I am nothing.” This resounding commitment echoes in every dish served at Heritage Khorikaa, reminding us that the pursuit of passion and preservation can create wonders. Step into Heritage Khorikaa and savor the flavors of Assam’s history, tradition, and love for food, all crafted under the skilled hands and heart of Chef Atul Lahkar.

A Culinary Expansion

Moreover, he embarked on another gastronomic venture with “Hurum,” the rustic cafe and restaurant. Here, he ventures into serving ethnic cuisine, including progressive food, along with an array of other cuisines, teas, and coffees. This expansion showcases Chef Atul Lahkar’s continuous dedication to culinary innovation and preservation.

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