Pawan Sharma‘s remarkable journey in the hospitality industry showcases his steadfast commitment to growth and excellence. With a strong foundation and diverse experience spanning over two decades, Pawan’s career trajectory exemplifies dedication and leadership.

Sales Operations Manager at Concept Hospitality (Apr 2023 – Present)

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Pawan’s current role at Concept Hospitality reflects his expertise in Sales Management, Direct Sales, and Revenue Management. His focus on Customer Relationship Management and Banquet Operations demonstrates his holistic approach to enhancing guest experiences. Based in Jodhpur, India, Pawan thrives on-site, driving innovation and fostering success.

Room Division Manager at The Bayan Group of Hotel & Resorts (Aug 2022 – Apr 2023)

During his tenure as Room Division Manager, Pawan expertly oversaw operations, emphasizing training and teamwork across Concierge, Reception, and Housekeeping teams. His leadership in maintaining standards, adhering to regulations, and ensuring impeccable guest services exemplifies his commitment to excellence.

Admin and PR Officer at Varaha Infra Ltd. – India (Sep 2021 – Jul 2022)

Pawan’s role as Admin and PR Officer showcased his meticulous attention to detail. His ability to manage information, greet visitors, and coordinate schedules highlights his organizational prowess. His adeptness in developing PR strategies and building positive relationships underscores his versatility.

Resort Manager at ESR Resort (Jan 2020 – Sep 2021)

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As a Resort Manager, Pawan managed relationships with vendors, oversaw daily operations, and ensured compliance with regulations. His adeptness in financial management, employee coordination, and project design showcases his well-rounded leadership capabilities.

Front Office Manager at Hotel Niky International – India (May 2017 – Dec 2019)

Pawan’s tenure as Front Office Manager showcased his skill in revenue forecasting, team leadership, and customer relationship management. His expertise in banquets and management further underscored his contribution to guest satisfaction.

Front Office Manager at Quality Inn Chandra (Chandra Group of Hotels) (Jun 2008 – Apr 2017)

Pawan Sharma’s journey in the hospitality industry began as a Front Office Manager at Quality Inn Chandra (Chandra Group of Hotels) in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. During his 8 years and 11 months tenure, he demonstrated his dedication to guest satisfaction and team leadership, setting the foundation for his inspiring career trajectory.

Pawan’s journey is a testament to his growth, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to the hospitality industry. From his humble beginnings as a Front Office Associate to his current role as Sales Operations Manager, Pawan Sharma exemplifies the spirit of continuous learning, innovation, and leadership.

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