Karim Abdelhamid

Discover the remarkable journey of Mr. Karim Abdelhamid, a trailblazer in the world of hospitality, as he forges an indelible path of excellence and innovation. With an extensive background spanning over 25 years, Karim has cultivated his expertise in managing prestigious luxury and lifestyle properties across the globe. As the Vice President of Hotel Operations at The First Group, situated in the vibrant heart of Dubai, he continues to redefine operational success and elevate guest experiences.

Unlocking Excellence Through Leadership

Karim’s ascent to his current role is a testament to his dedication and passion for the hospitality industry. With a proven record of nurturing high-performing teams, he has consistently elevated his properties to new heights. His proficiency in multi-property operations has resulted in an array of successful ventures, including renowned Michelin-star restaurants and convention centers. His innovative strategies have led to increased guest satisfaction scores year after year, solidifying his properties’ strong market presence.

Global Odyssey of Excellence

Karim Abdelhamid

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Karim’s journey has been an international odyssey, marked by his contributions to esteemed establishments around the world. His impressive résumé boasts iconic 5-star destinations, such as The Plaza Hotel in New York, The Ritz Carlton Central Park, and the Sofitel Legend Old Cataract in Egypt. His influence extended to destinations like Philadelphia, Qatar, and Savannah, where he left an indelible mark on properties like The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa and The Knickerbocker Hotel, the first luxury property in Times Square & The InterContinental Hotels Dubai.

Architect of Luxury

Karim’s impact is not limited to management alone; he has been a driving force in developing nine prestigious ultra-luxury hotels. From the exquisite Mandarin Oriental to the opulent Park Hyatt and the serene Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, Karim’s vision has transformed architectural dreams into tangible expressions of luxury and grandeur.

From New York to Dubai: A Journey of Diversity

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Born in the melting pot of Cairo to an American Egyptian heritage, Karim’s cosmopolitan upbringing shaped his global perspective. His academic foundation in hospitality from St. John’s University and senior leadership program from Cornell University honed his skills and sharpened his leadership prowess.
“From his formative years split between Cairo and New York, Mr. Karim Abdelhamid draws the wellspring of his motivation and determination to succeed. This unique blend of cultural influences has imbued him with the drive that has fueled his remarkable journey as a visionary leader in the hospitality industry.”

Family, a Source of Strength

Beyond his illustrious career, Karim finds strength in his family. Married to a French woman, together they nurture a family of four, embodying the essence of cultural diversity and harmony.Mr. Karim Abdelhamid’s journey is a symphony of determination, innovation, and leadership. His legacy is etched in the luxurious establishments he’s enriched and the lives he’s inspired. As a visionary in hospitality, he continues to illuminate the path for aspiring leaders and ignite the flames of excellence in every corner of the industry.

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